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Slow Teen installation CCA 2009Slow Teen exploring the city



Slow Teen was a one-week camp curated and led by slowLab for the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montréal, Québec in 2009. Organized to correspond with the CCA exhibition ‘Speed Limits,’ the workshop asked a group Montreal teenagers consider how notions of 'speed’ influence their awareness of self and a diversity of life experiences.

The group explored a range of creative strategies to Slow, deepen and expand their modes of perceiving and engaging the urban environment. A prominent design tool employed was the act of WALKING as an empowering and critical practice in urban spaces. During a series of city excursions, the teenagers were invited to ponder real and perceived hierarchies of scale, ownership and appropriation of their local environment.

Throughout the process, they were encouraged to re-imagine Montreal as a dynamic landscape, and to propose new and inventive uses of their city for personal and collective empowerment.

The image at top here is an installation created by the teens on the last day of the workshop: an explosion of energy and color reflecting what today's teenagers have to offer beyond the boundaries of the fast world.

“Walking and tracing paths in a rather hostile, automobile landscape creates a positive friction with the site’s planned use and provides for unexpected experiences and journeys.” - Jean-Maxime DuFresne, ‘Walking as an Architectural Practice’ (2009)

images are copyright: Canadian Centre for Architecture 2009